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Classroom Clicker

Classroom Clicker C80- The most Polular Model Used in Classroom response system

Classroom Clicker

Classroom Clicker Reliable, easy, economic. Meet theinstant exam need of K12 schools, colleges and universities as well as various training institutions. Assist teachers to promote a single question or multiple self-paced questions easily for a quick synchronized or asynchronous test. It is a magic tool that can instantly and effectively gauges students understanding, improve evaluation efficiency and reduce teachers' workload of paper reviewing.
Etest is a standard electronic test software designed and developed by independently. It is used together with student response devices. The whole system is secure and easy to learn and use. Also, it's applicable to in-class and after class exams for K12 students, as well as sectional assessments for further education and training class. The system has both standalone and connected server version, and exports reports in excel form.

Features of Classroom Clicker

Choice/Priority rank/Judge/Numeric/Text
Rush Answer/ Random Call /Numeric Score
Synchronized questions/Self-paced questions(100 questions)/Homework (9 Subjects)
2.4G RF technology
<30M Reliable Distance
>250Hours Working Hour
English Display
80 Channels
2*CR2032 Button Battery
Interactive teaching and instant class quiz in K12 private and public school, colleges and universities, Training institutions


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