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Easy to use student response system

Classroom Clicker

Choice / Ranking / Judge

Rush Answer/Random Call/Score

Self-paced Exam



Speech Prompter

Electronic Voting Machine

Election – Choose 50 from 50

Single Vote Authority

Voting Receipt Print

Result Display and Store


Easy to use student response system

Voting Pad

For / Against / Abstain

Single & Multiple Choice

Numeric Score

Name List Election


Meetings & Congresses

Meetings & Congresses

Q Response is secure, reliable, easy-to-use and instant voting system, meets voting demands of all types of events and opinion surveys. Q Response helps to ask various types of questions such as multiple choice, ranking, true/false, judge and score. Voting pads result in audience satisfaction.

Employee Training

Employee Training

Q Response Voting Pad is best suited to fulfil the response demands of pre-employment training and evaluation. Voting response system helps trainer to collect instant feedback from trainees on concerned training subject. Voting pads display instant live results to track participants performance.


Shareholder Meetings

Efficient, easy-to-use, secure and reliable voting system creates interactive voting environments for on-site voting needs of various types of corporates Annual General Meetings. We offer industry's leading response technology for shareholders meetings. Voting pads generate instant and error-free results which protects shareholders' rights and interest.

Student Response System

Student Response System

Reliable and cost-effective Student Response System meets the demand of K12 schools, colleges, universities, medical and other training institutions. Student response system helps to conduct real-time interactive assessment in classrooms. Voting pads generate instant result to track and analyse the performance of students.

Classroom Test and Exams

Classroom Test and Exams

Reliable, easy to use, economic! Meet K12 and training institutions real-time classroom exam demands. Support single and multi-questions, classroom synchronized and asynchronous tests. Conduct a comprehensive, multi-dimensional learning analysis and feedback effectively, and provide visual assessment for students.


Electronic Election

Efficient, secure, reliable, flexible! Meet the demands of government election, state election and court vote. Electronic vote is of high efficiency and with strict process control. Data encrypted storage makes it secure and reliable. Combined with paper operation mode, the system can add vote-board and control remote flexibly, reusable and with auto result reports.