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Audience Response Systems for All Areas

Electronic Voting Machine

  • Election – Choose 50 from 50
  • Single vote authorize
  • Vote receipt print
  • Results Display (the total number of the single polling station)
  • Results storage (power failure protection)
  • 433MHz RF Technology
  • >30M Signal Distance
  • <0.5M Shock-Proof
  • 53 Buttons
  • <400 Vote-board per Single Receiver
  • 3350mAh Li-battery
  • Government Election, State Election, Court Vote
Q Response Polling Solution for Events and Congresses
Fast, real, engagement, easy-to-use! Users in more than 80 countries all over the world love it! Meet the need of academic conferences, brand road show, as well as opinion survey, superior appraisal, onsite interaction and employee satisfaction survey in annual enterprise events.
EVM Software
EVM software is an election software designed and developed by Q Response independently, and used together with SunVote Electronic Voting Machine. The system is convenient to operate. Data encrypted storage makes it secure and reliable. Election results automatically generate reports; comprehensively meet the demands of various elections.
Associated Device of EVM
Associated Device of EVM including receiver (Base station), remote control, and receipt printer (optional). The receiver is to receive and storage all voting data on the polling station; single receiver supports 400 vote-boards; remote control is to authorize single vote right; receipt printer is to print out the paper receipts of voted info.

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