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Audience Response System

Audience Response System Voting Keypad M52LiA

Audience Response System

Audience Response System Easy-to-use, fast, secure, reliable! Meet the demands of various enterprise shareholder meetings such as bank, telcom, estate, airline, construction and securities. Support various voting rules such as for/against/abstain voting, split voting, proxy voting, weighted function and blocked voting. Electronic ballot with secure and real data can greatly reduce human resources and improve meeting efficiency!

Audience Response System

Unique SN for Identity Recognition - Electronic Sign In
Yes/No/Abstain – Vote for single resolution
2 key/3 key Vote – Split voting
Single choice: choose 1 from 10, multiple choice: choose 10 from 10
2.4G RF Technology
< 100M Reliable Distance
>80Hour Working hour
<2000 voters
32 Channel
Li-battery Rechargeable
Resolution voting, split voting, election voting and proxy voting in shareholder meetings, boardroom meetings of big enterprises.


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